Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial day Weekend

I went camping in the hill country for three days then tubing down the Guadalupe River! It was the best week I had since moving to Texas. Our second night camping it rained really hard. Both tent got soaked. We put up the rain tarps, we forgot to place a trap under our tents. Therefore, the water was sinking in to the ground the saturating our floor. During the night our next door neighbors abounded ship. They backed up everything but their tent and headed for an hotel. We all forgot pillow and went through two boxes of matches before starting our first fire; due to the strong winds. On our last night our dog was chasing this thing we thought was a lizard. Once we got close we realized it was a scorpion! I killed it with a water shoe. Even the road trip home was fun. We stopped in random little towns and explored them for a little while. We stopped in Hico just to pick up some Dublin Dr. Pepper! I can’t wait to camping again!

NY ad in Time square
(The picture you showed the class today of the Phatfarms shoes with the model only wearing the shoes)

You said your husband and daughters did not even realize the sign until you pointed it out to them. There are two reason why they might not of noticed. 1.) There was so much visually going on there eyes were not pinpoint anything specifically. 2.) We are so used to see images like this one it did not even register.

Students in our class have said multiple times, since attending this class they are finally realizing our the media does stereotype nd demean women all the time. For most people who will never take a class like this, they will not even question society and the influence the media has over us.

Sneaky Pete’s

As you probably know Sneaky Pete’s is a bar off of 35 in Lewisville. I would strongly recommend it. This is not based on food or drinks. They are nothing special at all. The atmosphere although is awesome! The sports bar/ restaurant is located right off of Lake Lewisville. If you are out boating with your friends you can leave your boat at the dock and grab a few drinks. Sneaky Pete’s also has beach volleyball, three small pools, and a slight sandy beach area. This is a bar setup out side as well as two inside. I would recommend this place if you want to watch the Mavs with your friends, or if you want to relax with the family.



I hope the point Spike Lee was trying to make was about how media effects our society. During the pilot of Mantan the crowd was disgusted and shocked. As soon as the applause sign light up the crowd was all of a sudden excepting to the racially demeaning program. As viewers we are lost sheep; and sadly the “CSB” and networks are our Shepard.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Friends and family

I have the best support network ever. My dad would sacrifice himself for any of his children. My two sister are my best friends, plus my friend Lusha who is like another sister. No matter what trouble I have gotten myself in I know they are there for me and will not judge me. As I am for them. I moved to Texas in January to attend UNT all by myself. I have no family out here and only knew a few people in Texas before the “big” move. Since my life was wonderful back home it made the transition that much harder. I took my dog to the beach every Sunday. I am the clue that holds my friends together. I had a good paying government job. (Thankfully I was able to transfer over to Texas in the same company just under a different project.) When you are 18 hours away from everything and everyone you love it is hard. There encouragement and support help me survive the hurdle of my first semester. I am just starting to accept Texas as my home for the next year and a half. I am now trying to make friends and get to know my surrounding. I was born to be a Floridian. Saltwater runs through my veins. I can’t wait to be able to move back home. But I am going to live up in life in Texas while I am out here….starting NOW!

Texas Gentleman

My roommate is a Texas gentleman; or at least he was. He is a sweet man, most female would cal him a huge teddy bear. However, I would not classify him as a Texas gentleman anymore. Unless he is trying to date you. When we first met he always held the door for me when we went out. He did his own dishes (like he should.) Now he barely ever holds the door for me. I don’t care about that’s fine. What I care about is how lazy he is. He never washes his dishes or even removes his dirty pots/pans from of the oven. He leaves food out all time. If the trash is full he just keeps on adding to the pile. Since he moved in, in January I would say he only took out the trash three or four times. All within the first two months of him moving in. The rest of the time it was either my other female roommate or myself. The three of us are like a little family, however, he feels like we (the females) should do all the cleaning and taking care of animals. Every Tuesday night when I get home from work a little after 8pm(when the other female roommate is out of town) the trash and recycling bins are still sitting on the curb, while my roommate is sitting on the couch for three hours eating and watching TV before I get home to bring them up to the garage. Simple little task that effect all three of us roommate he never thinks of volunteers to do! I don’t know if it gender roles he sees or if he just lacks common curtsy. He only helps out when asked, never volunteering.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Parents need to teach their children about the wonders of life.

If parents install strong morals in their children, do really need these blocks. It’s not it does any good anyway. It is impossible to fully “block” all inappropriate commercials, TV shows, websites, or what have you from children. While riding to school on the bus they are exposed to whatever station the driver is listening to. Most children in one point in their will try to rebel from their parents. If every little thing is hidden from them, they will do everything they were restricted from doing.

Personally, I was raised in an open environment. At the age of five or six sex was explain to me. However, most of this focus was on what happens to the female body during pregnancy. I watch documentaries on the birthing process, and was taught that sex was a natural part of life. My whole inter life I have only had two restriction. Well really one…the second was more of a request. My mother did not want us to watch “Married with Children.” However, the joke was on her because I never cared for that show. My second restriction…or suggestion had to do with going to the beach too much. I grow up in Florida 20 minutes from the beach. My twin and I would go ALL the time. Sometime because of fear of too much sun exposure, my dad would “ask” us not to go for a couple of days. Out of respect for his wishes we would not go for a few days.

Despite never having a curfew, or any real rule my sister and I always made A’s and never did anything illegal. We enjoy community service and will all end up with at least our master degrees.

I had a few friends whose parents were real strict. They were the ones making the C’s and D’s. They would also lie to their parents so they could do the things they were no allowed to do. I was friends with two sister now 22 and 26. They both have at least one kid and decided not to go to college. The 26 mother of two is divorced and currently living with her parents…unemployed.

Make sure you understand what I am saying. I am not saying if you are lenient with your children, they will end up as great as my siblings and I. I am also not saying if you are rule crazy your children will grow up to be single mothers or law breakers. I am just saying instead of hiding the world from your children…help them explore their surroundings. Teach them to embrace life and explain everything to them they want to know. I f they are old enough to ask the question, they are old enough for the explanation.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

“Advertisements in magazines aimed at African American magazines compared to their occurrence in magazines aimed at Caucasians”

Two-sentence summary of findings:
The majority of advertisements in both Caucasian and African American magazines where classified as “Licensed withdrawal. ” (As based on Erving Goffman‘s frame analysis) However, all other results were extremely different.

Summary of pervious study:
Reliability was assessed through the assessment of the ratio of coding agreements of the first and second raters to the total number of coding decisions (as described by Kassarjian, 1977) . This ratio yielded a coefficient of agreement of 93.88 % across all of the 241 advertisements. The results of the classification of these 241 ads into each of Goffman’s categories. The percentage s of advertisements in African American magazine s conforming to the categories of function ranking (6.14% ) and the family (24.56% ) were significantly greater than the percentage s of ads in the magazine s aimed at Whites conforming to the se categories (.78% and 5.51% , respectively) . The percentage of advertisements in the magazine s aimed at White s conforming to the category of ritualization of subordination (35.43% ) was significantly greater than that of the ads in the magazine s aimed at African Americans (14.91% ). Also, compared to the ads in the magazine s aimed at African
Americans, a greater percentage of ads in the magazine s aimed at Whites conformed to the category of feminine touch (3.17% and 0.0% , respectively) although this difference was not significant.

Its most important foundation literature and how it relates to your own project:
One the most important foundation literature is Goffman, E. (1976) . Gender advertisements. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Goffman has categorized the se messages under six rubrics: (1) relative size, observed when one person in the frame is displayed as being larger or taller than another person (2) feminine touch, in which a person is portrayed using their fingers or hand to gently caress or cradle an object (3) function ranking, in which one person is portrayed as playing a managerial role in relation to another person (4) ritualization of subordination, in which a person is portrayed in a submissive posture relative to others in the frame or to the viewer (5) licensed withdrawal, in which a person is portrayed as
being psychologically removed from his or her surroundings and (6) the family, which includes ads portraying family relationships. Another important literature is Belknap and Leonard, A conceptual replication and extension of Erving Goffman’s.

Corpus and method:
My corpus comprises all half page ads in the June 2006 issue of Essence and the May 29, 2006 issue of People that met the following criteria: (a) had to be attempting to sell a specific product (i.e ., I did not include fashion spread photographs or photographs illustrating magazine article s), (b) they had to portray either a facial view or a view of the face and a half or full body vie w (i.e ., ads portraying a body from the waist down or other partial views without a face were not included), (c) ads did not have to portray men and women together in the same frame, and (d) ads had to be at least half a page in size . All ads conforming to these criteria were removed from the magazine and set aside for further classification according to Goffman’s rubrics.

Essence Magazine’s half page ads 29.79% (14 ads) was classifiable as licensed withdrawal. Ad’s that were classifiable as the family was 25.53% (12 ads). The other category made up 21.28% (10 ads) of all ad evaluated from Essence. Where as 12.77% (6 ads) was classifiable as relative size, 6.38% (3 ads) function ranking, and 4.26% (2 ads) the feminine touch. In People Magazine’s half page ads 53.57% (15 ads) was classifiable as licensed withdrawal. The other category was 17.86% (5 ads). Fourteen point twenty-nine percent (4 ads) was classified as relative size, the feminine touch made up 10.71% (3 ads), and the function ranking was 3.57% (1 ad.)

In both magazines aimed at different racial groups (African American and Caucasian), the majority of the advertisements were classified as licensed withdrawal. However, in Essence, the percentage of licensed withdrawal was almost half as much as there were in People. In Essence the second leading advertisements were focused on family, while NO ads in People were focused on the family. Both Magazines had a high percentage of other advertisements (based on Goffman‘s frame analysis.) In both issues of Essence and People no half page ads meet the qualifications for the ritualization of subordination. Generally there was no significant difference between the overall distribution of ads between the two racially aimed magazines.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MTV "mook" research methods

Most of our class was either disturbed or disgusted by the lengths MTV researches took trying to gain information about their (male) audience. As a behavioral analysis I was interested and pleased to see interview of the “mook” in his own surroundings. MTV needs to know their audience; and I feel this method to be the best way.

I agreed with the in-depth interview conducted between the “average” teen mook and the MTV researcher. This method helps to pinpoint exactly what happens in the life of a teen. The researcher gets insight he would not otherwise be able to examine. Being in a familiar and comfortable surrounding will increases the likelihood of true answers and concerns from the participant.

A focus group is an accepted/ valid method of gaining this information for researches and advertisers; but not 100% valid. Especially the way the focus section was conducted today in the video. The focus group consisted of five teen male. They were squeezed into two couches. This creates peer pressure, influencing the results of the participants. While circling the brands the participants thought were cool…they were hesitant. This probably was a result of waiting to validate their answers with the person to their right. I also noticed that most “X‘s” for un-cool brands were small. Indicating self-doubt, low self esteem, and uninsurance. The researcher was also leading answers from the group.

Quote from the 1994 movie "True Lies"

“You aren’t her parents any more.... Axl Rose and Madonna are. Your five minutes a day can’t compare with their constant bombardment.” -Albert Gibson aka Tom Arnold

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sad as it maybe.... money makes the world go around.

In our fast pace society if you want our attention as we fly by on the highway, flip through a magazine, or watch multiple television stations….you must grab our attention. We might not remember the brand…but we will remember a half naked body with sexual undertones. The more extreme the ad the more likely we are to talk about the ad. This interaction is what advertisement agencies want. You are creating more advertisement amongst your peers, in a sense you become a walking billboard. The main goal for the advertisement industry is profit. They do not care about the long and or short term effects they cause on society. They might be causing adolescent teens have low self -esteem but as long as those teens continue purchasing the beauty products, wearing the experience clothes, and reading all the magazines, why would the advertisement companies care?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

You may Know Jessica Lynch, but does the name Shoshanna Johnson ring any bells?

Jessica Lynch and Shoshanna Johnson were both POW in the war with Iraq. Lynch was captured in the same ambush as Johnson. However, Johnson was held in captivity longer (told of 22 days). To see the difference between these two women click on the links below.


Google searching for both “American Heroes,” Google had 157,000 results for Shoshanna Johnson, while Jessica Lynch had 4,290,000 results. This is an example of the media coverage they received. Johnson was a single Africa-American solider and mother at the time of her capture. Johnson was shot in both legs and endured more “wounds/assaults ” then Lynch. Lynch , 19 Caucasian, endured a stab wound and was shot once. Both were horrible situations. The media latched itself on to Lynch while basically ignoring Johnson. Lynch was the cover story for Times as all as, People, and newsweekly. Johnson was the cover story for Essence magazine. Not only did Johnson receive less public sympathy and media coverage than Lynch, she is also receiving less in disability benefits. Johnson is being discharged fron the Army on only 30-percent disability, while Lynch is being discharged with an 80-percent disability benefit.

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